I agree to receiving electronic communications (CEMs) from AstraZeneca that include, but are not limited to, AstraZeneca products, information, newsletters and related communications ("Communications").

Examples of CEMs you may receive from AstraZeneca (the following list is not exhaustive):

  • Emails, texts, direct messaging to an electronic address using social media.
  • Market Access announcements or other marketing communications from AstraZeneca or its third party vendor, where vendor is using AstraZeneca’s list, when appropriate.
  • AstraZeneca’s response to your request (e.g., for product info, clinical trial, updates, compassionate use program etc.).
  • If you have been referred by a healthcare practitioner, another patient, clinical trial coordinator or an individual at an organization (e.g., patient association or PSP provider) to AstraZeneca.

In order to receive Communications from AstraZeneca, you must provide your Express Consent. Please complete the following information to complete your request:



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